Monday, March 21, 2011

Wake Up and Think Love _Took it from Mastin Kipp Blog

What was your first thought upon waking up this morning?
Was it ‘oh no’ or “I am so tired’. Did you reach over and hit snooze? Or reach for your iPhone or blackberry and start plugging in to technology? Oh yes, you may be thinking, that is how I start every day!
Well excuse me for a moment while I tell you that this is a CRAZY and stressful way to start your day, and there is a much better way.
I get it. I fell in to that trap of bowing down to the God of Technology, too. It surprised me that it happened, BUT I found my way out. You can too.
I am the last person I thought it would happen to. Isn’t that always the way?
You see I am honored and blessed to teach the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga each and every day, usually many times a day. This has been my passion and mission the past eight years. It is a natural developed science that has improved the quality of my life.  From group classes to private clients, to talking about simple techniques with friends, or even sharing it with people in restaurants, banks, all kinds of places. I am immersed in doing Yoga, talking about it, teaching it pretty much all day long. I teach people to go within, to connect with the peace that is within them, and I see people transform and blossom right in front of my eyes. I should be Miss ‘Chilled-out’ all the time, right?
Well, about a year ago, I started noticing this underlying buzz in me, kind of like a very faint buzz of a mosquito. It was slight, but it was there, and I was starting to find it annoying. I seemed pretty calm and at ease on the surface, but underneath there was this tension, this stress that I didn’t understand. It felt like the buzz of technology. And I realized that it was.
Even though I live and breathe this sacred science of Kundalini Yoga for the most part of my day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night before I went sleep, what was I tuning in to? Not the sound of The Uni-verse, but the vibration of my iPhone. It had become my God that I bowed to, morning and night. I knew I needed to do something. At first I was in denial. I mean, me? The Yogini? How could I be addicted to technology? I had criticized many in the past for this addiction. And now here I was. This knawing feeling that comes, needing to know instantly every single email and text that was coming through? How did this happen? It was simple. It had been what I was most paying attention to.
I knew it had to stop.
I thought, what is that I want to tune in to when I wake up? I mean after I checked in to technology I would sit down to meditate, but that came ‘after’ technology. The first thing that came to mind was Love.
So this has been my practice. Whether I wake up with the alarm or before it, I just start thinking and silently meditating on Love Love Love. I start slowly, like I’m drinking it in. I inhale love, I exhale love. Sometimes it feels poetic. I delight in the vibrations on the sound, and all sorts of images come. From smelling a rose, to giving someone a big hug. Sometimes I stay in bed breathing it through me for a few minutes, other times I get up and continue it as I go shower.
It sounds so simple, but it is very effective. It is a POWER-ful way to start your day.
Why tune in to the news, or your schedule for the day before you’ve even had a moment with your soul? (Never mind that you haven’t even brushed your teeth!)
All spiritual teacher’s say that ‘you are what you think about’.
Start your day with LOVE. Begin to notice how people and situations change around you.
Be love. Think Love. Let your words be saturated in love.
You will truly be the beneficial presence on the planet that you are meant to be.
Begin your day this way, and THEN check in to technology.
This is getting your priorities right. Love first! And watch the blessings pour in to your daily experiences.
Rachel is a Master Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. To learn more about Rachel, follow her on Twitter.

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