Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“If you’re not giving, then you’re not living.” ~ Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

We can have everything in life, but it’ll mean nothing at all if we haven’t fulfilled our purpose for this life. Your purpose is connected to your passion, not your pocket book or wallet. Purpose isn’t determined by what job earns the most money. Purpose is defined by the job that meets the most needs of others and heals the most hurt. 
“You can get all you want out of life if you just help enough other people get all they want out of life” ~ Zig Ziglar
Find a need and meet it. Greatness is serving not being served. It is great to have gifts that can make you lots of money, but it’s even greater to give your gifts purpose. How? Let your gifts make room for you in the world and provide a platform. Then from that platform connect your gifts to your passion and find a purpose to effect change in the lives of others.
People like Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Hellen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr., are all individuals that lived a life of Purpose on purpose. It’s not necessarily about “finding” your purpose. It’s about uncovering it.
Take these Steps to living a life of Purpose:
  1. Identify your gifts (What comes natural to you that may not be natural for others)
  2. Identify a career for your gifts
  3. Set goals for your life
  4. Make a plan to achieve your goals
  5. Execute the plan
  6. Teach someone else how to do what you do
  7. Give your gift(s) purpose and use your platform to “Find a need and meet it. Find the hurt and heal it.”
Tony A. Gaskins Jr. is an author, life & relationship Coach.
“If you’re not giving, then you’re not living.” ~ Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

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